Third-Party Reproduction

If you are planning to grow your family using third-party reproduction, you may be referred to a licensed mental health professional for a psychoeducational consultation. The decision to use alternative methods of growing a family is complex, and intended parents benefit from seeing a therapist to help with this decision. Egg, sperm, or embryo donation can be an effective option for those experiencing problems with fertility.

I provide psychoeducational consultation for intended parents using donor sperm or donor egg. As donor recipients, we will discuss:

  • Grieving the loss of genetics or pregnancy
  • Exploration of any concerns and feelings about having a child with someone else's genetic material.
  • The issue of disclosure (decisions about when, how, what, to whom and if to disclose)
  • Issues pertaining to the donor selection process
  • Dealing with the possibility of a failed cycle
  • Supports that can successfully help you navigate treatment and parenting in these unique arrangements

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