Third-Party Reproduction

If you are planning to grow your family using third-party reproduction, you may be referred to a licensed mental health professional for a psychoeducational consultation. The decision to use alternative methods of growing a family is complex, and intended parents benefit from seeing a therapist to help with this decision. Egg, sperm, or embryo donation can be an effective option for many individuals and couples desiring to build families.

Recipient (Intended Parents Third Party Consult)

I provide psychoeducational consultation for intended parents who will be recipients of egg, embryo, or sperm donation. This requires one appointment only if using a non-directed/unknown donor. The focus will be on various aspects of the process and provide an opportunity to explore feelings and concerns about treatment and parenting in these unique arrangements.

Egg Donor Evaluation

Following the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines, an in-depth clinical interview and objective personality testing is administered for egg donors. If married or partnered, both individuals are required to attend the clinical interview.

Joint Session

If you are an intended parent working with a directed/known donor, each of you will require a separate appointment as well as a joint session for all involved parties. After the separate intended parent consult and donor evaluations are completed, the joint session will take place to discuss the implications of the arrangement, manage expectations, and any remaining concerns to ensure this decision is a good fit for all involved.

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