For Couples

Why is This Happening to Us?

Marital satisfaction is at its lowest during the first year after a couple has had a child. Struggles with infertility, bringing a new baby home, recovering from a traumatic birth or having a baby in the NICU are incredibly stressful experiences and puts a strain on many relationships. This is the time when connecting with a couples counselor can benefit both of you, as individuals, and your relationship.

People innocently ask when you’re going to get pregnant, or other couples hang their expectations on your marriage. It feels like you have to put a brave face on everything to keep the private questions at bay while you’re struggling to stay connected.

What About My Relationship? That's Suffering Too.

Many couples find that reproductive struggles rock their relationship to its core. This a common experience as the grief and stress are overwhelming and each partner is coping in their own way. Communication and intimacy sometimes lessen and couples find themselves feeling misunderstood and disconnected.

Couples Counseling Orlando FL

For couples who are experiencing relationship problems, I help them work on:

  • reconnecting and bonding
  • rekindling intimacy
  • deepening understanding of their unique grief reactions
  • improving communication
  • re-establishing friendship
  • adjusting to a new normal

Your partner may be disconnected, burying themselves in work and not wanting to talk about your shared loss or experience. You’re not on the same page about trying again or moving forward. It feels like you’re left behind and they’ve already healed.

How Will Counseling Help Us?

Sitting down and talking about your grief and loss in a neutral, safe setting can open channels for the two of you to regain your partnership, friendship, and start healing again. I’m not here to take sides or tell you how to feel, just to help educate you both as partners and give you relationship tools to move forward.