3 Easy Wins for Smoother Communication

By Kerri-Anne Brown, LMHC   If you’ve found trying to have simple communication with your partner difficult, you’ll love what I’m about to share with you. I’m giving you 3 easy ways you can communicate differently with your partner today. They’re much more effective and help to minimize conflict and tension. 1. Turn your complaints…

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Is your Relationship Missing this Daily Conversation?

Relationship problems don’t always result from issues between the couple. It’s not uncommon for external stressors to put a strain on a relationship and cause problems between partners. The external stressor that one partner may be dealing with is difficult enough. Try topping that with a partner who blames and criticizes and you have a…

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It’s time to learn a new dance: Breaking the pursuer-withdrawer pattern

The word conflict tends to rub many people the wrong way due to the negative connotation often associated with it. I mean, let’s be honest. Most of us aren’t actively seeking more of this in our lives. In fact, there are a significant number of people who would even consider themselves conflict avoidant. While not…

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