Book Recommendations for Pregnancy Loss

Books have been a welcomed companion on my own healing journey and a resource that I often share with clients. Healing isn’t limited to just talk therapy. Therapy absolutely has its benefits and it’s a tool everyone can benefit from on their healing path. There are many pathways to healing and books, fortunately, are one of them. It’s a powerful tool especially when used in conjunction with therapy for pregnancy loss.

In my work as a reproductive and maternal mental health therapist, I’ve witnessed books to be a helpful resource for clients walking through pregnancy loss. These are just a handful of books that have been impactful in the healing journey after pregnancy loss.

From Three Heartbeats to One: A Gentle Companion Offering Hope In Grieving Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Empty Arms: Coping with Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Early Infant Death

Birth Story Held for Loss

Unexpecting: Real Talk on Pregnancy Loss

The Baby Loss Guide: Practical and Compassionate Support With A Day-By-Day Resource To Navigate The Path of Grief

Unspeakable Losses: Healing From Miscarriage, Abortion, And Other Pregnancy Loss

Not Broken: An Approachable Guide to Miscarriage and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

If you are a lover of books or are looking to expand your toolbox to include other resources to support your wellbeing after pregnancy loss, be sure to check these out.

Kerri-Anne Brown

Kerri-Anne Brown

Hi, I'm Kerri-Anne and I'm a licensed mental health counselor in Orlando, FL. I help individuals and couples who are living with fertility challenges, perinatal loss, birth trauma and difficulties with postpartum adjustments. Please feel free to reach out anytime.

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