Birth Story Group

Birth takes many forms and however it happens for you, it’s life changing. Life changing experiences leave lasting impressions and the stories we tell ourselves about our experiences matter.

There are many situations that can leave you with complex feelings about your birth. Whether it was an unplanned or emergency cesarean section, poorly managed pain, a medical crisis for yourself, or anything that happened that you didn’t expect or felt bad to you, chances are you have lots of big feelings about what happened. Anything and everything that you are feeling is valid.

We move so quickly from the birth experience onto the next thing, we often don’t get to organize and integrate the memories of such a life altering event. The stories we tell ourselves are powerful and have the ability to either uplift us or limit us.

Birth story processing group is a chance to slow down and reflect on your birth story. Over the course of 4 weeks, we will meet once per week in a small online group to process, reflect, make sense of and heal your birth story in a small group setting.

Some benefits of birth story processing include:

  • Organization of memories around your birth experience
  • Understanding the narrative being told about your birth story
  • Resolution of feelings around the birth
  • Feelings of empowerment

Invest in something today that your future self and relationship will thank you for.

Here, you'll find a place to tell your story and to process the complex emotions that surround it. When you’re ready, contact me to schedule a phone consultation.