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The Invisible Grief of Living with Fertility Challenges

Couples experiencing fertility challenges have quite the task of living their daily lives while managing what feels like invisible grief. Aspiring parents who have dreams, hopes and expectations of growing a family feel traumatized and grief stricken when things don’t go the way they assumed it would. The grief is often misunderstood by others as…

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5 Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy Loss

Life after pregnancy loss is hard. You no longer feel like yourself and life as you knew it ceases to exist. There’s a lot to discover on the journey ahead after the unthinkable has happened. 1 in 4 pregnancies will result in a loss and you’re never prepared for something of this tragic nature to…

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Ten Principles for Recovery After Pregnancy Loss

The loss of a baby is one of the most devastating experiences any parent can face. It is traumatic, life changing and causes overwhelming grief. If this has been your experience, I’m incredibly sorry. There’s no manual for how to heal after losing your baby. You may be struggling to find hope and see your…

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Life in the NICU

Life in the NICU: What to Expect and Do

Life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a foreign experience for many families. It’s hard to know what to expect or do as no family plans to spend time there. Expecting families hope to have a healthy baby born free of any complications. It’s devastating when this doesn’t happen. Pregnancy is a time…

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4 Things That Can Help Moms in the Pandemic

The impact of 2020 on mothers has been astonishing. The mental load of living with so much uncertainty and disruption in way of life is taking a toll. Mothers are working from home, parenting children, trying to take care of themselves and keep their families safe and healthy. Others may be furloughed from work, suffering…

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