1 in 4 Women Are Affected By Pregnancy Loss

Are you getting the support you need?

Pregnancy loss is devastating and if that has been your experience, I am truly sorry.

Women recovering after pregnancy loss often feel lonely and misunderstood. Feelings of shame, body betrayal, sadness, anger, fear, and guilt are common. The emotional recovery after loss is complex.

These affirmation cards were made with you in mind to help you move through the fog of this unexpected version of motherhood.

This deck of affirmation cards is for you if:

  • You’ve experienced pregnancy loss
  • You need support navigating your life after loss
  • You want to regain a sense of hope
  • You need tools to help challenge negative thoughts
  • You want to cultivate more calm and self-compassion in your life

Affirmations for Pregnancy Loss


What you get:

  • A deck of 30 affirmations
  • An instruction card
  • Thoughtfully and uniquely written messages to affirm, support and encourage you or a loved one after pregnancy loss
  • Cards featuring a soothing design and color
  • Cards measuring 2.5 x 3.5in which makes them accessible and easy to carry around

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