Therapy for Pregnancy, Postpartum, Infertility and Loss

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When the path to parenthood takes a painful and unexpected detour.


Your path to parenthood is not what you hoped it would be.

It’s painful and not the happy, joyful experience you had such high hopes for.

Dealing with the trauma and loss associated with reproductive difficulties is probably the hardest thing you’ve ever had to face. It often feels like an invisible loss to others and you’re suffering in silence.

There’s not enough attention given to the amount of emotional pain and stress involved with infertility and pregnancy loss. It changes your life in profound ways, including your relationship with your partner. Many couples experience profound distress in their relationship due to reproductive trauma. Feelings of anger, anxiety, sadness and loneliness are extremely common.

You deserve to feel better, and it is possible!

You might be feeling shame from not being able to conceive or from not being able to successfully carry your baby to term. You find yourself dreading the next invitation to a baby shower or maybe even feeling envious of friends around you who are getting pregnant. Women who have suffered multiple pregnancy losses often have difficulty finding joy or feeling hopeful during pregnancies after loss. Feeling misunderstood and scared is common.

If any of this sounds familiar, you're in the right place. This is a safe place for you to find hope and regain control of your emotions and your relationships. Reproductive trauma is just one part of your story. You get to write the coming chapters. I can provide you with a supportive hand through your journey.

I'm Kerri-Anne and I provide online therapy throughout the state of Florida. I help women and couples who have suffered from infertility, perinatal loss, birth trauma, and difficulties adjusting in the postpartum period.

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